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02/23/09 03:44 PM #804    


Gene Laughery

Welcome back old next door nieghbor! Hope your around for the reunion. Greenland Dr had a few from 79 but Mill Cove had You, Me, Maria, Pam (Yes we can count Jethro Ln), Eddie, and Anne. We should have had 2 others like yourself - Steve Evans and Tim Appleton. I think that is 5 + 3 almost = 8.

Any other areas top that?

02/25/09 08:14 PM #805    

Louie Luongo

5 + 3 almost = 8. Yeah Gene, you graduated from

Just want to make sure that everyone knows that Dave Emmons is responsible for the website... My therapist said that I have issue with the whole spot light

Dave hope your doing well out there in Afghanistan helping to fight the bad guys. Keep your head down.

02/26/09 06:13 AM #806    

Karen Siceloff (Duffy)

Louie and Dave (and the rest of the reunion committee),
You are all doing a great job organizing everything and providing the rest of us with a means to reconnect with everyone. I've lived outside of VA for 25+ years I had lost touch with almost everybody. I have now been in touch with people that I doubt I would have been able to find without this website. I'm looking forward to August.

Thanks so much!

03/10/09 11:25 PM #807    

Kathy Blevins (Angelucci)

Louie - please invite Mr. Kirby. I know he is retired now, but it would be great if he could attend! He was one of my favorite teachers ever - Thanks!

03/18/09 10:21 AM #808    

Kathy Hoyt (Engle)

hey Lou thank for that matter about email taken care of whewwwwwwww ! well omg Mr Kirby my favorite teacher in the world so glad he joined hope he can come to reunion would love to see him and all these friends. We grew up not see alot of ya'll but still remember some. i can't wait til aug.7th. im so excited to see everyone.

03/21/09 12:32 PM #809    

Andre Dillard

Well, Hello everyone. At work today working my email and some other tasks. Hope everyone if doing well. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the reunion. Lori Ann Ritchie....How are you doing? Do you still see my sister Denise, or cousin, Geraldine? Have you found love in your life as yet or are you still single? I have a lot going on in my life today; getting ready to see my only daughter off to college and trying to finalize my pending divorce from my wife of 20 years. Life is going to be good from here on out? I am also considering relocating to another state to start fresh. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Does anyone know how to get in touch with former English teacher, Marva Roberts?

03/30/09 10:42 AM #810    


Gene Laughery

If anyone is interested there are a few suites available at Point Plaza Suites at City Center Here's the link - Executive 1 Bedroom Suite with kitchen. FREE wireless Internet. Fully equipped kitchen w/ dining area. Suite offers separate living room/kitchen, and bedroom with choice of 1 King bed or 2 Double beds, and Sleeper sofa. 550-640 sq. ft. of living area. Non-smoking or Smoking Suites available.

03/31/09 09:56 AM #811    


Lori Ann Ritchie

Hey Everyone,
We will have a letter coming out soon with more details. As far as the rooms at Point Plaza we have blocked out 25 rooms for the reunion. They will be available first come first serve. Prices will be attached to letter. Thank you for your patience...
Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!!
We are still looking for classmates.. Please Help us if you know the where abouts of any classmates.

04/15/09 11:33 PM #812    

Tommy Lindsay

Hey Folks...

I am having serious Deja Vu.

I have been at Walt Disney World for a week now, and finally went to the magic kindom today and realized that I was last here 30 years ago.

Does anyone remember the dates we were here on the Sr trip??

seayall in a few months...

04/16/09 02:08 PM #813    


Gene Laughery

Lori Ann or whomever,

Do you want the golf money including the after party for the extra person in the same payment with the reunion money or is it separate?

04/20/09 10:49 AM #814    


Lori Ann Ritchie

Actually, it really doesn't matter. You can write one check if you would like. I'm depositing it in the same account so I have to keep them separate anyway. Just to let everyone know we have booked the same DJ "Music by Mark" that we had at the 10th and 20th..He is a blast! He is also doing our Friday night event by the pool!!
Woo Hoo!!!:)

04/25/09 10:25 PM #815    

Tommy Lindsay


Don't forget, I lived on Jethro Ln from 66-73...


04/30/09 11:45 AM #816    

Carmen Warner

Just wanted to let you all know that we have the first Jefferson Scholar from Tabb High School, Class of 2009, Michael Yankoski. This means he will be receiving a full ride to U.Va.!!!! Tabb Rocks as his email says!!!

05/07/09 10:26 PM #817    

Louie Luongo

Hey Tommy,

I guess that makes almost

05/08/09 02:43 PM #818    


Gina Valentine (Stevens)

Shame on me... I've been away so long. Not from lack of love for my high school buds... just busy and I forget. I don't mean to forget! Honest!

Hope all are doing well! :)

05/20/09 02:45 PM #819    


Shelly Baltgalvis

Happy Birthday to Lori Ann and a few others that recently had birthdays


05/21/09 05:34 PM #820    


Lori Ann Ritchie

Thank you Shelly...See everyone soon I hope..

05/21/09 06:58 PM #821    


Lori Ann Ritchie

Don't forget to send in your MONEY!!!! or we will be meeting in the park.. BYOB!! LOL

05/29/09 12:52 PM #822    

Karen Perry (Burnett)

does anyone remember what day we graduated??

06/05/09 08:59 PM #823    

Louie Luongo

It was the last day of 12th

06/21/09 06:45 AM #824    


Gina Valentine (Stevens)

Did anyone notice that Chuck Saunders' father died? :(

Charles H. Saunders Sr.
YORKTOWN - Charles Howell Saunders Sr., 82, passed away on Thursday, June 18, 2009. He was a lifelong resident of the Peninsula.
Mr. Saunders retired in 1989 from Newport News Shipbuilding sheet metal department after 43 years of service. He served in the merchant marines during WWII; he was a member of Open Door Baptist Church and a member of Warwick Masonic Lodge #336 AF & AM.
He was preceded in death by his daughter, Wanda S. Tew.
Mr. Saunders is survived by his wife of 56 years, Patsy Williams Saunders; son, Charles Howell Saunders Jr. of Hayes; brother, Raymond H. Saunders of Newport News; two granddaughters, Renee Graham and Katie D. Saunders; and two great-grandchildren.
The family will receive friends from 6 to 8 p.m. Sunday, June 21, 2009, at Peninsula Funeral Home. Graveside services will be held at noon Monday, June 22, 2009, in Peninsula Memorial Park with the Rev. David R. Ryerse officiating. Burial will follow.
Peninsula Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

06/23/09 09:24 AM #825    


Gene Laughery

No I didn't hear about his passing either which paper? Our prayers go to the family!!

But on another note - I am thinking that all of the THS 1979 Alummi needs to get off their behinds and send Lori their money - ONLY A FEW HAVE SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06/25/09 10:09 PM #826    


Shelly Baltgalvis

is there anyone in our class that has experience in dealing with Insurance companies and auto accidents?? I was in an auto accident on May 27 with a 23 year old military kid in a 2007 toyota scion (modified) at Oyster Point and Jefferson Ave (heading toward patrick henry mall area.

The kid totalled my car (OVER $4800)and has lied to his Insurance company USAA - they have denied covering me. He only walks away with less than $100 maybe even $60 worth of damage.

For those of you who are invovled with prayer lists, believe in the power of pray --PLEASE PUT ME AND THIS KID- TRACY LEE SEIDEL ON THOSE LISTS.

Thanks for your help.


06/29/09 04:41 PM #827    


Lori Ann Ritchie

Hey Guys,
The registrations are coming in!!! The plans are shaping up.. We have a pig for Friday nights luau!! and a great DJ ... Let us see who is still limber.. for the limbo!!

As time gets closer we will have more detailed information for everyone. We are looking for door prizes and if anyone would like to donate from your business or self.. it would be appreciated. Contact any committee member through the web site.

Please remember.. July 1st the cost goes up!! Just please let us know if you are still planning to attend.

Thanks again and look forward to seeing everyone. I'm off to check the mailbox!! Woo Hoo!!

07/06/09 10:43 AM #828    

Kathy Hoyt (Engle)


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